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    Pupil voice: an opportunity for real culture change?

    Pupil voice or learner voice is one of those ‘buzz words’ that must have been uttered at most interviews over the summer, in the hope of standing out as a current and well read professional. But scratch below the surface and the research in this area of education is overwhelmingly positive and boasts real impact […]

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    Interviews: putting your best foot forward

    It’s that time of year again. Jobs are being advertised, CVs are being prepared and the dreaded letter of application is causing a few sleepless nights. But the preparation pales into insignificance if we get shortlisted. Some people are naturally good at interviews, they have no issue in putting their best foot forward. Whereas for […]

  • ISTA2018

    Irish Science Teachers’ Association (ISTA) Conference 2018

    The idea of attending a national conference was daunting to me. I couldn’t find anyone I knew who was going. I’ve been spoilt in the past because all my CPD needs were met in schools I worked at, or through structured professional courses. I decided to attend this year’s ISTA conference in Athlone, and cannot […]

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    Features of quality

    Even before my school received training on the JCT cluster day I was keen to introduce the ‘features of quality’ to students to see their reaction to the language used. I’ve been an advocate for the use of success criteria in teaching for years. When I was involved in training student teachers I advocated their […]