“Others sharing their ideas were invaluable to me in shaping my understanding of learning and teaching and so I now feel I have the experience and understanding to offer ideas and resources to others.”


My name is Amy Ní Laoire, the person behind scienceteacher.ie

I went to school in Cork City – completing my education through Irish – before attending the University of Glamorgan. I gained a degree in Biology and Forensic Science. I then spent some time working as a microbiology technician before return to study at Swansea Metropolitan University, completing my Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 2009. I earned QTS after a year of teaching in the North West of England. 

Since then I have been keen to keep developing as a teacher and have held several posts alongside my teaching duties. These include Head of PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), Head of Biology and Lead Practitioner in Science.

During my time as a Lead Practitioner, I oversaw a change of curriculum and assessment models as well as mentoring trainee teachers and NQT’s through their qualifying years.

I’ve recently moved back to Ireland after spending 13 years in the UK. 9 of those years were spent teaching A Level Biology and Chemistry, and GCSE Science. I currently teach in a suburb of Cork City and am immersing myself in the requirements of the changing junior cycle as I familiarise myself with the specifications and teaching here. This is where the idea for the website was born.

I’ve always had a desire to remain current and versatile in the classroom whilst trying to convey my passion for the sciences to students. Other teachers sharing their ideas was invaluable to me and helped shape my understanding of learning and teaching. I now feel I have the experience and understanding to offer ideas and resources whilst working collaboratively with others. 

Having learnt science through Irish, I know some of the challenges faced by teachers in Irish medium schools. I’ve included Gaeilge resources to help and have used language that is at a level high enough to use in the classroom. 

My hope for the website is that it’ll become a place for teachers to get helpful ideas and resources that can be used or adapted by all.