A quick guide to available resources

In this resources section you will find four types of resource for each topic in the new junior cycle science course. All resources are available in both English and Gaeilge. These are designed to help make the transition to planning using learning outcomes smoother whilst also incorporating the key skills of the cycle easily.

Keywords / Eocharfhocail
Inquiry activity Gníomhaíocht fiosrúchán 
Literacy task Tasc litearthachta
Assessment for learning (Afl) Measuchán chun foghlaim

All resources are made with the intention that some differentiation may be needed to fit the needs of your teaching style and the needs of your class. Some may seem too easy and some may seem too challenging but with a little adaption all can be integrated successfully into classrooms. The format of the resources was chosen after consideration of the rationale of the new Science junior cycle specification. I have listed some uses of each resource type but of course this is not exhaustive.


Pre-teach vocabulary or provide to learning support teachers for use in resource hours. Challenge students to use a certain amount in a given task or simply provide to students to tick off as you progress through a topic.

Inquiry activity

Model skills used by Scientists and develop skills such as planning, interpreting data, displaying data and concluding in preparation for the classroom-based assessments and assessment task.

Literacy task

These generally require more reading. Practise skim and scanning reading techniques in class. Search through for keywords or simply provide for homework. The layout of these tasks is comprehension based where students find the information in text to answer questions that follow.

Assessment for Learning

Test your student’s knowledge of topics in class or as homework. If you are in need of a simple cover lesson these will provide a simple activity to measure student’s understanding of the topic.