Earth and space


What is the Earth and space strand?

Students will learn about the composition of the Universe and also appreciate how our understanding of its structure has changed over time. They will look at observations and decipher data gathered by astronomers to appreciate where our understanding has come from. They will use models and engage with accepted theories to explain the development of the Universe over time. Students will learn about the journey into space and the science which underpins man’s journey to the stars. With an appreciation for what is beyond our planet, students can debate human activity and its impact on Earth, taking into consideration solutions to climate change, cycling of natural resources and to space exploration itself.

Earth in balance

Earth in balance – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Sources of information – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Global warming – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Cycling of nutrients – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)

Earth, Moon and the solar system

Earth, Moon and Solar System – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
The Sun, Earth and Moon – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
How long is a year? – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Phases of the moon – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)

Energy sources

Energy sources – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
The nuclear power debate – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Producing electricity – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Hydroelectric power – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)

Going into space

Going into space – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Different orbits – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
The Vomit Comet – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Visiting the moon – Afl  (English) (Gaeilge)

The origins of the Universe

The origins of the Universe – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Developing a theory – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
The Hubble telescope – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
The origins of the Universe – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)

What is out there?

What is out there? – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
For and against – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Modern star gazers – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
What is out there? – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)