Physical world


What is the physical world strand?

Students will learn about abstract concepts such as electricity and energy. They will engage with historical developments within the physical world which give students an appreciation of the work of a scientist. This also allows for scientific inquiry skills such as the investigation of patterns and the relationships between them. Discussion is encouraged throughout this topic with particular links to be made with sustainability and the use of technology in developing alternative resources for the generation of electricity. Energy features heavily as a theme through the physical world strand and focus is given to electricity and its generation.


Density – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Finding the density of irregular objects – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Density – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Density – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)


Electricity – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Voltage, current and resistance – inquiry activity  (English) (Gaeilge)
Electricity in the making – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Drawing circuit diagrams – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)


Electronics – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Electromagnets – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Alternating current – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Current PD relationships – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)


Energy – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
A simple power station – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
How powerful are you? – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Work done challenge – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)


Forces – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Make a force meter – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Friction – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Find the forces – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)


Measurement – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Measurement – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Temperature in numbers – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Find the area of a leaf – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)
Temperature in numbers – infographic (English) (Gaeilge)


Motion – keywords (English) (Gaeilge)
Acceleration – inquiry activity (English) (Gaeilge)
Falling down – literacy task (English) (Gaeilge)
Motion graphs – Afl (English) (Gaeilge)